Living in a Post-Covid World: How to Create Professional WFH Spaces

The way (and where) we work has forever changed, and so must the spaces we work in

Lititz, PA – The tag #WFH has skyrocketed in use since March of 2020, and a simple search of it  shows the creativity of the millions of office workers who have carved out makeshift work  spaces when forced to shift to working from home. Apartment dwellers coined the term  “cloffice,” with closets doubling as both a dressing and storage area as well as conference  room. And the extra bedroom in homes around the world became Zoom central. Working from  home is here to stay, and so are the spaces we’ve created. Spacekit, a modular, customizable  wall art system, is helping renters and owners create professional spaces that can evolve as  personal styles and needs change. 

Spacekit’s snap-and-go design allows users to change up their office design, so it never gets  boring. For renters who may not be allowed to put holes in the wall, the self-contained Spacekit framing system contains no-hassle hardware hung with Command® Strips from 3M to easily reconfigure and even uninstall, when an office space may change rooms, or even homes. Made from upcycled rice hulls, Spacekit panels are made from a 100% tree-free,  wood alternative, making a stylish and sustainable design choice. Sustainable design extends all  the way throughout Spacekit’s business, from a zero-waste manufacturing process to shipping.  

Spacekit offers curated packages created by in-house designers (like Spots seen above) making it a game-changer in home office décor. Designers faced with creating work spaces in their client's homes have the ability to completely customize colors, finishes and sizing through Spacekit’s web based configurator. And companies can help employees feel at-home yet part of the company with a branded Spacekit, creating the ultimate Zoom background. And installation is a snap, literally - watch how easy it is to install Spacekit. The system’s art panels are available in 25 cm (9.8”) or 50 cm (19.7”) frames (as well as custom sizes  upon request) and can be hung in multiple configurations and layouts to create a wide variety of patterns and looks. Panels can be mounted as one large art piece or spaced out with the  included 2” and 4” measuring spacers. 

Spacekit was an idea created and cultivated during the COVID-19 pandemic by ATOMIC, a team of event and entertainment industry designers. When the pandemic shut down in-person   events, the designers at were forced to hit ‘pause’ on the work they were used to - like creating stages for the Oscars, and MTV, or experiential retail environments for Nike. The team, which has more than 25 years of creative practice, then pivoted their experience, creative design and modular, configurable products into art for residential and commercial application. 

For more information, or to get started designing your own Spacekit, visit: 

About Spacekit 

Headquartered in Lititz, Pennsylvania, Spacekit designs and manufactures modular, customizable wall art made from sustainable materials with a zero-waste, made-to-order manufacturing process. Spacekit is the creation of ATOMIC, a group of live event professionals with more than 25 years of experience designing and building for clients such as iHeartRadio, MTV and Nike. Spacekit - Designed by you. A snap to install.

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