Spacekit Artist Series Debuts with Limited-Edition Designs

Award-winning artists celebrate personal, expressive design

Lititz, PA –The Spacekit Artist Series was developed to showcase personalized designs derived from the brand’s team of award-winning artists. Through this limited-edition series, Spacekit is celebrating each artist’s personal creative style which is derived from meaningful influences and experiences.

“Because of our live event background, our team of designers spend many of their hours focused on how to design environments that translate a client’s vision within the specifications of a venue or stage,” said Chloe Rich, Spacekit vice president, brand strategy. “The Spacekit Artist Series gives an opportunity for our designers to expand outside those typical boundaries and express their creativity and artistic inspirations without any rules.”

The first edition in the series, entitled “Faces” was created by famed production designer, Tom McPhillips, the mastermind behind stage designs for The Who, MTV Unplugged, Eric Clapton and more.

“When we decided to launch the Spacekit Artist Series, we immediately turned to Tom to provide a personal take on individual artistic design,” says James Kelly, Director of Marketing for Spacekit.

McPhillips said the inspiration for is specific design was conceived a decade ago when he was designing for the Electric Forest music festival.

“I’d been inspired by the concept of faces after visiting a museum exhibition of pre-Colombian art, where the human face is a common artistic element. That turned into a multi-year exploration of faces in various forms which I applied to such events as Electric Forest,”

McPhillips shared. “It fascinates me how far you can deviate from a realistic face and still recognize it as one. Just two dots and a line and the average person will see a human face.”

This interest in the concept of pareidolia – the human ability to see faces in non-organic things – along with a desire to connect with human emotion, fueled the Faces concept that is now lived out through Spacekit.

“I think it’s one of those things you fall into,” explains McPhillips on how he arrived at the Faces concept. “Art allows you to reflect as many ethnicities as possible, to bring together cultures and influences. My art is a collective reflection of those influences. It’s something you just pull out of yourself.”

Available in mini or large panels, in four panel, six panel, or eight panel arrangements, every printed work of art will be signed by the artist. The “Faces” design features up to eight different expressions and allows for endless configurations using the Spacekit modular art framing system. This innovative wall art features:

  • Sustainably designed panels made from ACRE™ a 100%, tree-free wood alternative composed of upcycled rice hulls free of phenol, formaldehyde, and adhesives.
  • Easy to install, no-tools-required recyclable framing system that includes self-leveling guides and spacers.
  • Flat-pack shipping delivered right to your door.

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About Spacekit

Headquartered in Lititz, Pennsylvania, Spacekit designs and manufactures modular, customizable wall art made from sustainable materials with a zero-waste, made-to-order manufacturing process. Spacekit is the creation of ATOMIC, a group of live event professionals with more than 25 years of experience designing and building for clients such as iHeartRadio, MTV and Nike. View the story of Spacekit - Spacekit - Designed by you. A snap to install.

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