Spacekit Makes Decorating Painless for Apartment Dwellers

New art system that doesn’t damage walls

Lititz, PA – Spacekit, the new modular, customizable wall art concept, is a game-changer for renters looking to create a personalized space without damaging walls. Spacekit’s snap-and-go  design and self-contained framing system allow easy reconfiguration and even removal when  changing up a room, or moving to a new home. 

Spacekit is perfect for first time or younger homeowners looking to fill blank walls or other  large spaces at an easy price point. Made from upcycled rice hulls, Spacekit panels are made  from a 100% tree-free, wood alternative, making a stylish and sustainable design choice. And  installation is a snap, literally - watch how easy it is to install Spacekit.  

The system’s art panels are available in 25 cm (9.8”) or 50 cm (19.7”) frames (as well as custom  sizes upon request) and can be hung in multiple configurations and layouts with no-hassle  hardware hung with Command® Strips from 3M. Panels can be mounted as one large art piece or spaced out with the included 2” and 4” measuring spacers, which allows a wide variety of  patterns and looks. 

Sustainable design extends all the way throughout Spacekit’s business, from a zero-waste  manufacturing process. A flat-pack shipping process provides the ability to fill a large wall space  with something that comes in an easy to manage, lightweight shipper – no freight elevator, or  special handling required. 

Just starting to find your own style, or creating an art collection? Spacekit’s curated graphic wall  art helps take some of the guesswork out of decorating your first home for people just starting  out but still easy to customize some elements to make it your own. With designs in urban,  modern and industrial chic style, Spacekit is primed for multifamily, loft and high-rise living.  

Created and cultivated during the COVID-19 pandemic by the event and entertainment industry  designers at ATOMIC – whose client portfolio includes the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the MTV  Music Awards, The Grammys and Nike – Spacekit grew from ATOMIC’s 25+ years of experience in creative design and modular, configurable products. 

To get started designing your own Spacekit, visit: 

About Spacekit 

Headquartered in Lititz, Pennsylvania, Spacekit designs and manufactures modular,  customizable wall art made from sustainable materials with a zero-waste, made-to-order  manufacturing process. Spacekit is the creation of ATOMIC, a group of live event professionals with more than 25 years of experience designing and building for clients such as iHeartRadio,  MTV and Nike. Spacekit - Designed by you. A snap to install.  

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