space study

Howard Orthodontics, Willow Street, PA


These days, as healthcare professionals have begun to offer additional amenities and services to distinguish themselves among the field of provider options, interior design has played an increasingly important role in the experience a patient receives from his or her provider. As such, designers who specialize in healthcare environments are readily adopting more of a hospitality approach in terms of colors, furniture, fixtures, and décor to provide a comfortable and attractive experience for all patients.

Howard Orthodontics, which specializes in innovative orthodontic solutions especially for kids and teens, occupies a former bank building and took great care in outfitting the building with modern architectural design. Flooring, lighting, furnishings – and even a rock wall – support a bold design that emphasizes fun for its young patients. However, the white walls went unfurnished once the practice moved in.

Dr. Eric Howard was tasked with finding art that complimented his already impressive repertoire of design elements while creating a healing environment for patients.


Dr. Howard was intrigued by the Spacekit gallery of designs and their modular quality. When it came down to choosing a design, “Swirl” was the clear choice. The interwoven repeating pattern combined with the warm orange and yellow colors create a trusting and inviting association with a visit to Dr. Howard.

He remarked, "It adds visual interest and complexity. It was a stark room before. Now when you look at the space from the reception area, it's a focal point for the eye. I like that it's dynamic and changeable."


Dr. Howard was impressed with how Spacekit was able to meet both design and functional goals for his office. And it has become the highlight of officce visits, helping to liven-up the atmosphere and alleviate possible reservations about a dental visit, especially with younger patients. In fact, Dr. Howard brings his young patients over to the wall and encourages them to pull off the panels to move them around and rearrange them.

Dr. Howard plans to order Spacekit acoustic products for a private exam room that is cold and echoey. He is confident that Spacekit acoustical panels will help the acoustics but also add visual warmth to the space.