space study

Wood-Mode Lifestyle Design Center, Chicago, IL


Modern showrooms are tasked with providing a fresh andinviting space whenever people visit. Wood-Mode, a leading manufacturer ofcustom cabinetry, operates the Wood-Mode Lifestyle Design Center in Chicago’siconic Merchandise Mart. In fall 2021, the showroom staff was in the earlyplanning stages for the most significant renovation the space had seen sinceopening in 2016.

Because of its prime location, Wood-Mode gains significantexposure every year during NeoCon, the world’s leading commercial designindustry event. But with NeoCon fast approaching and the renovations not yetunderway, the showroom wanted to refresh its look to welcome the 15,000designers that would literally be walking right outside its doors. 


Wood-Mode found a solution with Spacekit modular wall artsystems. Spacekit provided six art installations throughout the showroom,including one with a custom logo design. “The Spacekit team worked hand-in-handwith our showroom designer to determine colors, patterns and dimensions thatwould complement our space,” said Vince Hodshire, Wood Mode showroom owner.“This installation was a smart way to provide a design refresh just in time forNeoCon.” 


Billed as a “Pop-Up Art Installation”, Wood-Mode andSpacekit invited design editors and design specifiers to visit the showroom toexperience the modular wall art systems and learn about new Wood-Mode productintroductions. Because of the positive feedback, Wood-Mode elected to leave theSpacekit panels in place after the show. In addition, Spacekit’s framing systemcontains no-hassle hardware hung with 3M Command® Strips for a no-wall-damage-installation.Once the renovation begins, the existing Spacekit systems will easily move andbe reconfigured to adapt to the new showroom design. To accommodate a now permanentinstallation, Wood-Mode will utilize Spacekit’s versatile framing system byscrewing the framing system into the walls for a tamper resistant finish.