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Work Wisdom LLC, Lancaster, PA


Business coaching and counseling companies provide professional expertise and important opportunities for executives and staff to speak freely and be heard well. Consulting firm Work Wisdom LLC provides leadership development, workplace culture shaping, and strategic planning services off-site and from their offices in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The renovated space, formerly a law firm, features a large central gallery surrounded by smaller spaces that function as staff offices, breakout rooms or one-on-one meeting spaces. Work Wisdom puts an emphasis on providing visually inspiring environments and because of the confidential nature of conversations in select office spaces, they wanted to increase acoustic privacy.


Acoustic art from Spacekit caught the eyes and ears of Work Wisdom founders Kedren Crosby and Sarah Colantonio. Ultimately, Kedren decided on Geo-Shapes Acoustic Art. This wall art system combines clean, geometric-inspired panels in a natural grain finish and is backed with a durable .4” thick felt grey panel. With an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 40, the installation helps remove unwanted acoustics so that conversation is less audible outside the room. Kedren told us, “Coco Chanel is a powerful role model for many leaders we coach. She famously said, 'Elegance is refusal.' The tiles embody simplicity and artistry into their elegant design. The fact that they improve our client experience and foster trust are also incredibly beneficial.”


With no previous Spacekit installation experience, Crosby and Colantonio (with help from Gracie, the best four-legged coworker) installed their new panels in no time – check out the timelapse video here. The simple Spacekit framing system includes self-leveling guides, spacers, and 3M Command® Strips so panels snap in quick, level, and hassle-free. The result is a stylish piece of art which enhanced a formerly blank wall and doubles as an acoustic element, ready for the next coaching session. Kedren let us know, “We absolutely love them and cannot wait to have Gracie install them in every one of our coaching rooms.”